Mr. Parviz Barakaev

Welcome to Spey Medical Pvt. Ltd., a company that has experienced tremendous growth and one that has developed into a preeminent healthcare company. Our company provides an opportunity to contribute to life’s most important endeavors-Improving the lives of others. Since we are privately owned company, we can focus on what matters i.e. the development of innovative pharmaceutical products.

Our continued success depends upon you, our employees, and the work that you do. We know that innovation comes from employees who are passionate about their work that is why we are committed to providing a collaborative and inclusive work environment that encourages growth and development, and rewards individual and team achievements.

Our lead and learn culture provides the way for you to reach our goals and to deliver the company’s commitment to value through innovation. We must remember that while we strive to meet our goals, we must do so with the highest ethical standards of compliance with our policies, procedures, and practices.

Honest, ethical, and professional conduct remains fundamental to achieving the highest goals set for our company.